Garland Mediation Lawyers

Mediation is an excellent option for certain legal cases such as divorce, spousal support and child custody. Our Garland mediation lawyers handle mediation cases on a regular basis and we are successful in the majority of them. If you can reach an agreement in mediation, you can save yourself significant time, money and headache. 

The first step is to contact the mediation lawyers in Garland TX from Jim Ross Law. We’d love to meet with you either in-person or virtually, hear the details of your case and determine what options are available. 

What are the Best Cases for Mediation? 

Most non-criminal cases are good cases for mediation. The process of mediation saves time and money and can be just as effective as litigation. The best part is that you have control over the process. Rather than having a judge or jury determine your fate, you can work together with the other party to reach a reasonable resolution. 

According to our Garland mediation lawyers, here are some of the best cases to mediate: 

  • Divorce 
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support 
  • Visitation rights 
  • Probate 

Mediation cannot be used for most criminal cases, and we do not recommend it for cases where there’s a history of substance abuse, physical abuse or mental illness. For mediation to be effective, both parties need to be willing to work toward a fair agreement. 

Why Choose Our Mediation Lawyers in Garland TX to Mediate Your Case 

Jim Ross Law is an experienced law firm with a unique background. Our firm was established by Jim Ross, a former Marine, Texas police officer and DEA task force officer. He also led many prestigious law firms before opening his own practice. 

With our unique experience, we’re able to have a unique perspective on the cases we mediate. This leads to faster resolutions and fewer costs. Here are some reasons to choose us for mediation: 

  • Strong understanding of court procedures 
  • Experience representing clients in court 
  • Fully address all issues that are a topic for concern 
  • Reach a resolution without going to court 

Mediation is far less stressful than litigation and it works well for many cases. Contact our Garland mediation lawyers to speak with our team and how we can help you resolve your dispute. 

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