Garland Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been involved in an injurious accident, you likely feel confused, scared and overwhelmed — the Garland personal injury attorneys at Jim Ross Law Group want you to know you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Instead of being overtaken by these emotions, consider seeking our team’s help. Jim Ross Law Group’s staff of professionals can help you learn more about your legal rights and options, preventing you from being victimized twice — first by the at-fault party and second by the insurance company.

You deserve aggressive, skilled personal injury attorneys in Garland TX in your corner. Jim Ross Law Group wants to provide you with the necessary legal help while you focus on the recovery process.

Our Garland personal injury attorneys can handle your case

Our personal injury attorneys in Garland TX work with more than just car accident victims — although, we do also have a strong track record working with those clients, as well. 

As seasoned personal injury attorneys, our range of specialization includes:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Premises liability
  • Dog attacks
  • Public transit and bus accidents
  • Car and motorcycle accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Explosions and fire

Our expert personal injury attorneys in Garland TX will help you determine whether your case qualifies for a civil suit. Even if you had previously thought your injuries were due to a no-fault accident, it makes sense to have your case reviewed by a team of professionals. You may be able to recover personal injury damages that can prevent you from spending your life savings on medical costs associated with your accident.

Our Garland personal injury attorneys will provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions about your accident case. You deserve financial compensation for your medical expenses, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Do not be too shy to seek the money you deserve from the party whose negligence caused your serious injury. Instead, seek the help of Jim Ross Law Group and our knowledgeable staff. Connect with us for a free case review.

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