Grand Prairie Auto Accident Attorneys

Show the insurance company that you mean business by working with the Grand Prairie auto accident attorneys on staff here at Jim Ross Law Group. We work aggressively with our clients who have been injured in car accidents to ensure that they are treated fairly and receive compensation that they are legally owed.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, your first step should be to seek the proper medical attention. After that, though, it’s important to connect with auto accident attorneys in Grand Prairie TX right away so that they can get to work building a case for you. That’s why the team at Jim Ross Law Group is always standing by, waiting to hear from you.

We deal with the insurance companies so you don’t have to

When you are injured by a negligent motorist or other party, compensation will come from that party’s insurance provider. This makes your interactions with the insurance providers very crucial. It’s important to note a couple things about insurance companies.

  • For starters, insurance companies have high-powered attorneys working in their corner. They want to protect their financial bottom line, so they have experienced attorneys to handle the legal side of the claims process. It’s important that you meet fire with fire and hire our Grand Prairie auto accident attorneys to take them on.
  • Insurance companies often gauge the value of a case based on how likely it would be that you will succeed over them in court. When you have attorneys in your corner that are battle-tested in the courtroom, then they’ll generally be willing to pay more in a settlement. That’s why our auto accident attorneys in Grand Prairie TX are such a helpful resource — insurance companies and their attorneys know that they will be going against industry leaders in court if they choose to litigate the matter.

Jim Ross Law Group puts a fair value on your case based on all short- and long-term expenses you will incur as a result — from medical bills and lost wages from time off of work to long-term therapy and treatment. We want to make sure that the compensation you receive will sustain you long into the future.

We take pride in helping accident victims when they’re at their lowest. Jim Ross Law Group is ready to help you recover physically and financially. Connect with our Grand Prairie auto accident attorneys right now for a free consultation.

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