Grand Prairie Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where we have Grand Prairie dog bite injury attorneys on our staff who work closely with victims of dog attacks. Unfortunately, dog bites and attacks are much more common than you might think, both here in Texas and throughout the rest of the country.

Dogs, while considered man’s best friend, are also unpredictable. With little or no notice, their animal instincts can kick in, leading even a seemingly friendly dog to snap and cause serious injuries. If you have been on the receiving end of one of these attacks, we want to help you understand your legal options.

Experienced dog bite injury attorneys in Grand Prairie TX

At Jim Ross Law Group, you will have the knowledge and experience in your corner to deal with the legal aftermath of a dog bite or attack. We specialize in these types of cases, working to hold negligent dog owners accountable for their dangerously casual approach to securing their canines.

Dog owners are legally liable for the actions of their dogs. This means, if their dog causes physical injuries to someone else, they must be held accountable — and that’s what our Grand Prairie dog bite injury attorneys will do. Our team works to build a case that proves:

  • You were in fact bitten or attacked by a dog. This can occur either on private or public property. We use evidence to state your case.
  • The legal owner of the dog. By establishing the ownership of the dog, we are identifying the negligent party that contributed to your accident and injuries.
  • You were injured as a result of the bite or attack. As long-time dog bite injury attorneys in Grand Prairie TX, we have witnessed injuries from one end of the spectrum to the other. This includes relatively minor lacerations to life-changing and catastrophic injuries.

Our team takes into account the full impact of the incident in order to put a value on your case. We want to pursue compensation that will cover your needs both now and long into the future. We’ll also work with the dog owner and their insurance company to strike a fair settlement in your case, otherwise we will move to a jury trial.

We invite you to trust our Grand Prairie dog bite injury attorneys with your case. We’re standing by to provide you with a free consultation and case evaluation.

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