Grand Prairie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, give yourself the time to recover while experienced Grand Prairie motorcycle accident lawyers manage the legal side of the matter. Here at Jim Ross Law Group, you can entrust our passionate and experienced staff to provide you with quality representation from start to finish.

As longtime motorcycle accident lawyers in Grand Prairie TX, we know the devastating injuries and lifelong impact that can come with many motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders don’t have the same protection as motorists inside traditional vehicles. This means that even a fender bender can result in serious injuries.

That’s why motorists need to practice extra caution when they’re operating around motorcyclists — but unfortunately, they often do not. In the event of a motorcycle accident, our team of Grand Prairie motorcycle accident lawyers will:

  • Get involved as soon as you call us and start examining the details surrounding your accident to identify who or what caused it and whose negligence played a role in spurring the incident.
  • From there, we take into consideration the full extent of both your economic and non-economic hardships. From medical bills and lost wages to general pain and suffering, we assign a fair value to your case — a value that we think you should receive in compensation.
  • Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Grand Prairie TX will also work with the insurance company, pursuing a full and fair level of compensation. With the Jim Ross Law Group in your corner, the insurance company will know you mean business. We have a reputation for our litigation skill and have no problem going to court to force the matter there when we have to.

While we handle all of this, you get to relax and work on recovering from your injuries. We will consult closely with you and only make decisions that are in your best interests.

Our Grand Prairie motorcycle accident lawyers are standing by, waiting to hear from you. We offer free case evaluations — schedule one by reaching out to our team right now. We’d love to help you get back on your feet, and on the road!

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