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A prenuptial agreement can be a very valuable tool that benefits men and women who are about to get married and the Grand Prairie prenuptial agreement attorneys on staff at Jim Ross Law Group want to help you take full advantage of this contract.

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When a couple is preparing to get married, they admittedly don’t want to talk about a scenario where the marriage doesn’t work out and results in divorce. However, these scenarios do play out in real life, and when it does, a lot can be on the line.

A prenuptial agreement is a proactive way of protecting various assets and making other crucial decisions that will dictate how a potential divorce will play out. Just like you prepare a living will in case you prematurely pass away, a prenuptial agreement is simply an important step in the planning process and it instills confidence in men and women who are entering a new marriage.

Together with our Grand Prairie prenuptial agreement attorneys, you can make decisions on some crucial points of contention during a divorce. This might include:

  • Who inherits the family home
  • What happens to the ownership of a family business
  • How retirement, benefit and investment accounts are divided up
  • Who pays alimony and for how long

When these issues are already resolved in a prenuptial agreement, you won’t find yourself fighting tooth-and-nail about them during a potential divorce. In fact, a prenuptial agreement can streamline a divorce, making it quicker, less expensive and less contentious. Men and women in all situations can benefit from a prenuptial agreement and our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Grand Prairie TX would love to sit down and determine if one might be right for you.

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