Grand Prairie Slip And Fall Lawyers

It’s time to hold negligent property owners accountable by working with Jim Ross Law Group and our Grand Prairie slip and fall lawyers. Our personal injury law firm represents those who have been injured due to avoidable hazards on both private and public property.

Were you injured on someone else’s property?

Some forms of accidents are truly that — unavoidable accidents. While other accidents are the product of someone’s negligence. Property owners, or those who manage a property, are legally obligated to create safe premises for everyone that might be present. When they put people in harm’s way by failing to address certain hazards, then they are responsible for the accidents and injuries that ensue.

For instance, if a property owner knows about an uneven sidewalk that often trips people up, yet fails to take measures to level it off, then they are knowingly allowing a hazard to exist on their property and are responsible for anyone who trips and falls at the location.

Our slip and fall lawyers in Grand Prairie TX work to hold these parties accountable for their negligence while working with accident victims to file a personal injury claim and pursue compensation to cover things like medical bills and general pain and suffering.

When you work with our Grand Prairie slip and fall lawyers, an experienced attorney will handle your case from start to finish. They’ll collect evidence in your case, calculate a fair value in compensation and then file your claim.

From there, we will negotiate with the negligent party and their insurance provider to strike a fair settlement that equips you with the needed financial resources to recover. All the while, you’re able to rest, relax and recover.

Consult with our slip and fall lawyers in Grand Prairie TX for free

It costs nothing to have one of our attorneys review your case and provide you with insight on how to proceed. When you do work with us, you’ll owe no money up front and no money ever unless we’re successful in delivering you compensation.

Don’t let your voice become lost in the legal process — connect with Jim Ross Law Group and our Grand Prairie slip and fall lawyers.

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