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Dangerous and defective products can levy life-changing injuries onto those that use them, and the Irving defective product lawyers on staff at Jim Ross Law Group are ready to act if this has happened to you.

As a trusted personal injury law firm in the Irving area, Jim Ross Law Group specializes in assisting all types of accident victims with their injury claims, including those that have been injured by products that range from consumer products and children’s toys to drugs, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and heavy machinery.

Our team will scrutinize the design and manufacturing processes associated with those products to determine if this fate could have been avoided through closer attention to consumer safety. Our defective product lawyers in Irving TX will hold negligent manufacturers, retailers and corporations responsible for the damage they have caused by unleashing unsafe or defective products into the market.

Irving defective product lawyers with a passion for consumer safety

Most consumers assume that any item they’re able to purchase has been rigorously tested and deemed safe. Legally speaking, that should be the case. But, too often, companies cut corners and put consumers in harm’s way. Here are a few examples.

  • Some products feature a dangerous design, making them inherently dangerous to use.
  • For other products, their design is not problematic, but unplanned defects can form during the manufacturing process, rendering the finished product as dangerous.
  • Also, don’t forget that parties that produce a dangerous product must explicitly convey the potential risks to consumers. Warning labels and documentation are vital.

If one, or some, of these factors played a role in your case, our defective product lawyers in Irving TX will help you take action by filing a claim against all negligent parties involved. Our team will negotiate on your behalf to pursue compensation that fairly pays you back for both financial and non-financial impacts of your accident.

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The Irving defective product lawyers on our staff can provide you with a free case evaluation to help you get started. Get answers and insight into your legal options by connecting with our team right now.

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