Irving Fire Accident Lawyers

When accidents result in fires, explosions and the devastating injuries that come with, our Irving fire accident lawyers are ready to act. We are Jim Ross Law Group, and the staff at our personal injury law firm specialize in working with burn accident victims, helping them to secure the financial compensation needed to address the financial toll that has been pressed upon them by a recent accident.

Fire and explosions can result from a variety of sources. We have worked with clients burned in auto wrecks or on the job in addition to electrical, grease or structural fires. Fire safety is paramount, and in many cases, it is ignored and our clients have paid the price for that negligence.

Our fire accident lawyers in Irving TX will work closely with you and your family to collect evidence tied to your accident and identify the people and parties whose negligence played a role in your accident. This is pertinent for building a case in your favor so that we can file a claim and work on striking a fair financial settlement with these negligent parties and their insurance companies.

Our Irving fire accident lawyers know that many of our clients have a long road of recovery ahead, which is why we put a fair value on your case and aggressively pursue that compensation.

Looking for trusted fire accident lawyers in Irving TX?

When you have been injured in an accident — especially a fire or explosion — taking on the ensuing legal process yourself can be daunting and confusing. Even more, if you make mistakes in this process, you could be disqualifying yourself from thousands of dollars in compensation.

With Jim Ross Law Group in your corner, you will get:

  • Thoughtful representation from our team. A qualified attorney will handle your case from start to finish.
  • Skilled, experienced team that has worked with burn accident victims in the past — we know your needs and the challenges ahead.
  • A team with a track record of success. Reputation should count for a lot, and we have built a strong one here in the Irving area

Our Irving fire accident lawyers are standing by, waiting to hear about your recent accident. Connect with our team right now and take advantage of a free case evaluation.

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