Irving Premises Liability Attorneys

When you visit some else’s property, you don’t expect to get injured — but this does often happen and our Irving premises liability attorneys are there for you when you need us.

Here at Jim Ross Law Group, we work with all types of accident victims. This includes those who have been injured due to hazards on public or private property. When a property owner fails to address dangerous conditions on their property, and you’re injured as a result, they are liable.

By working with our premises liability attorneys in Irving TX, you will be able to focus on recovering from your various injuries while we take care of the legal side of your case. This includes:

  • Collecting evidence
  • Building a strong case on your behalf
  • Drafting and filing a claim
  • Negotiating with the negligent parties and their insurance provider
  • Settling on fair and full compensation

However, not all cases work like clockwork, which is where the experience of our Irving premises liability attorneys comes in handy. We have significant experience with litigation, which means we don’t hesitate to bring a case to court if we have to. Our focus is on one thing and one thing only: To secure fair compensation for you and your family. We don’t back down.

Have questions? Talk to our premises liability attorneys in Irving TX

Whether you slipped on a wet floor, tripped over an uneven walkway or were attacked by a dog — premises liability comes in many forms. We’re ready to work with you, helping you to address the unique needs of both your case and your family. When you work with Jim Ross Law Group, you can trust that your case will be handled by one of our attorneys from start to finish. We want to make sure that you get the focused attention that your case deserves.

You can start by scheduling a completely free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Irving premises liability attorneys. They can field your questions and concerns, informing you on your legal options. Get started now by connecting with Jim Ross Law Group.

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