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Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where our Irving prenuptial agreement attorneys can consult with you about how prenuptial agreements can not only benefit your marriage but also serve as an important estate planning tool.

A prenuptial agreement is not only used to decide property distribution in a divorce. These critical documents can also serve as estate planning directives. Prenuptial agreements are not just limited to wealthy engaged couples, either. In reality, those who own businesses, have significant non-monetary assets, or simply want to provide for their partner’s future can benefit from consulting with Jim Ross Law Group and our team of knowledgeable and experienced prenuptial agreement attorneys in Irving TX. 

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After your death, you may assume that your will would dictate how your property is distributed. For example, maybe you want to leave some of your property to your spouse, but you are reserving other pieces or assets for children from a previous marriage. This situation can get especially complicated if any parties involved with the process challenge these wishes. 

With a prenuptial agreement, you can designate individually held, or separate, property that will be treated specially in your will. You can prevent unfavorable situations with the help of our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Irving TX. For most marrying couples, this measure provides peace of mind that, if a marriage does somehow end up in divorce or the death of a spouse, that there will be transparency.

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Those that are diligent in their estate planning measures tend to find a lot of value in prenuptial agreements. If you fail to plan, your family could end up in probate court for years. Contesting these estate plans is quite expensive and could actually drain many of the resources you want to distribute among your relatives. 

Lower your risk of high probate costs and contentious arguments with Jim Ross Law Group. Our Irving prenuptial agreement attorneys are ready to help you take the steps to draft and file a prenuptial agreement.

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