Irving Product Liability Attorneys

Dangerous products can cause serious injuries to the victims that unwittingly use them and our Irving product liability attorneys are prepared to work alongside those victims to help them seek their rightful compensation.

We are Jim Ross Law Group, and we’re passionate about working with all types of accident victims, including those that have been injured because of a dangerous or defective product. As a consumer, you should be protected from products that could potentially harm or kill you.

Large corporations have the financial resources to inspect and vet their products throughout the design and manufacturing phases to make sure that they are completely safe to the general product. Unfortunately, many of them cut corners for the sake of speed and money and the consumer pays a major price. Our product liability attorneys in Irving TX will hold these negligent parties accountable while working to get accident victims what they deserve — compensation!

We have specialized Irving product liability attorneys on staff

Product liability cases are fairly unique, which is why it’s important to work with attorneys that specialize in this area of personal injury law. We have the knowledge and resources to take on even large manufacturers that have produced defective or dangerous products, injuring people along the way.

From drugs and pharmaceuticals to consumer products, toys and automobile parts, defective and dangerous products come in many forms, some of which can cause life-changing injuries. Compensation is important in many cases because, as the victim, you can incur a variety of expenses, including:

  • Medical bills for short-term care
  • The potential for long-term care and treatment
  • Lost wages from time spent away from work
  • Damage to your property

And these are just financial effects of your accident — our product liability attorneys in Irving TX also take into account non-economic factors like your pain, suffering and trauma when assigning a fair value to your case. We will then negotiate with negligent parties and their insurance providers on a settlement that is fair to you and your family.

If you have been injured because of a dangerous product, we invite you to connect with our Irving product liability attorneys right now to get a free case evaluation. We want to help during this challenging time.

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