Irving Slip And Fall Lawyers

If you are not sure of your legal options following an injurious accident on public or private property, then connect with the Irving slip and fall lawyers at Jim Ross Law Group. We have experienced attorneys that are ready to help you bounce back from your injuries as quickly as possible.

About Jim Ross Law Group

At Jim Ross Law Group, we are proud to serve as a trusted personal injury attorney for men and women around the Irving area. We work closely with victims of all types of accidents, helping them to hold negligent parties accountable and working to recover compensation that they are owed for medical bills, lost wages and general pain and suffering.

This means that we serve as trusted slip and fall lawyers in Irving TX, teaming up with victims that have slipped, tripped or fallen on private or public property due to an existing hazard.

These hazards come in many forms, from wet, slippery floors and staircases that are not equipped with adequate or functioning hand rails to poor lighting or even a vicious dog that winds up attacking a person. All hazards on a property should be identified and addressed by the property owner. When they are not, that property owner is liable for any injuries that occur.

Aggressive, skilled Irving slip and fall lawyers

At Jim Ross Law Group, we take a methodical, winning approach to your case. Plus, an attorney handles your case from start to finish — no handing it off to another member or our staff.

Our slip and fall lawyers in Irving TX will work to:

  • Collect important evidence associated with your accident — evidence that highlights the cause of the incident and identifies negligent parties.
  • Draft a formal complaint. This complaint highlights the impact of your accident and injuries and puts a value on your case. We take into consideration both the financial (i.e. medical bills) and non-financial (i.e. trauma, chronic pain, etc.) impact of the incident.
  • Negotiate a settlement. We will work with the property owner or manager — along with their insurance company — to pursue fair and full settlement. We only accept a sum that will sustain you and your family. If the insurance company can not be convinced, we will proceed to a traditional jury trial.

Our Irving slip and fall lawyers want to hear from you. Connect with our team following an accident.

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