Irving Spousal Support Lawyers

If you are someone facing financial uncertainty because of an impending divorce, the Irving spousal support lawyers on staff at Jim Ross Law Group can help you ease some of these fears.

Like any divorcing man or woman, you deserve your fair share of the marital estate, and you should not have to sacrifice your standard of living simply because you are going through a divorce. 

That’s why our spousal support lawyers in Irving TX will help you fight for the money that is rightfully yours, even if you did not work outside the home during your marriage. The different types of alimony available to Texas residents can help you get back on your feet financially after a difficult divorce.

Talk to our team and see if you’re eligible for alimony

By working with our Irving spousal support lawyers during your divorce, you can determine whether or not you qualify for alimony. Even couples that have been married for only a short time may include alimony in their divorce decrees.

A member of our team can help those spouses that have worked to put their ex through school, for example, by seeking rehabilitative alimony. Similarly, our spousal support lawyers in Irving TX can work with spouses that have sacrificed their careers in order to care for children and the family home. These men and women typically come out of a divorce with low earning potential and need training to make themselves professionally competitive.

We will help you explore things like periodic alimony, which is designed to help those in long-term marriages maintain their standard of living.

Fighting for your fair share

Divorce can be stressful enough — worrying about how you will fare financially can only compound those worries. Our Irving spousal support lawyers want to help. We’ll pursue the highest alimony amount for your situation. Not only do we have the knowledge and experience to calculate a fair and appropriate sum, but we’re able to provide a strong argument on your behalf that outlines why you are entitled to this amount. Let’s talk about alimony and other issues that might be keeping you up at night. Connect with Jim Ross Law Group for a consultation.

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