Irving Wills And Estate Attorneys

Trust competent, experienced Irving wills and estate attorneys with your legacy by connecting with the team at Jim Ross Law Group. We have estate planning experts on our team that will help you tailor a plan to fit the needs and wishes of both you and your family.

Estate planning cannot wait

It’s simply inexcusable to not have a plan in place for your property and assets when you pass away. While tomorrow is never promised to us, it’s easy to get the very basic elements of an estate plan in place today, and our wills and estate attorneys in Irving TX can help you.

We will walk you through the many available estate planning tools that you can use to ensure that your wealth and assets are not chipped away at by taxes or put at the discretion of the probate courts. You will get the final say on what assets are bestowed to which beneficiaries.

When you do not have a plan in place, your family is left with a mess to untangle, attempting the best they can to determine your final wishes. Don’t put them through that — keep your legacy intact and your wealth in the family by working with one of our Irving wills and estate attorneys.

Why work with Jim Ross Law Group?

With a number o wills and estate attorneys in Irving TX to choose from, many men and women have chose our team because we provide service that is:

  • Administered by experienced professionals that take the time to learn about your needs and talk about your options. Everyone’s estate plan looks different — we’ll tailor a plan to fit your needs. We want to create a plan that provides you with complete peace of mind.
  • Accompanied by transparent and manageable fees. You shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to protect your wealth — that defeats the purpose. Jim Ross Law Group provides competitive rates and we over-deliver in terms of service and quality.
  • Focused on creating an effective plan for you. This means installing a customized plan for you and then keeping it updated as life changes.

The Irving wills and estate attorneys from Jim Ross Law Group are standing by to hear from you. Connect with us for a consultation.

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