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Car accident cases are perhaps the most common type of personal injury cases, due to the large number of cars on the road and the enormous risk these vehicles present to health and life if they are handled without care. Indeed, each time we take to the road, we place a great deal of trust in our fellow motorists.

We trust that they are driving safely and attentively, that they are obeying traffic laws, that they have maintained and insured their vehicles, and that they are not driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, cell phones or drowsiness. These are the responsibilities and obligations of drivers. Accidents don’t “just happen,” they have a cause. That cause may be the negligence of a driver other than yourself.

Not sure who is at fault? Well, don’t just take the police report’s word for it. Officers handling the wreckage of a car accident scene may not have the resources to properly investigate them. Their priority may be to clear a busy roadway, or calm the nerves of frantic and hysterical drivers. An officer’s car accident report is not the final word of a car accident case.

Investigating Car Accidents Before Evidence is Wiped Away

If you’ve been in a car accident which you believe wasn’t your fault, the most important thing you can do is hire our auto accident attorneys, and quickly. You need someone to conduct a competent, thorough investigation of the accident. Evidence in a car accident does not last long without special efforts made to preserve it. Broken glass, skid marks, damaged or missing signage, blood, and damage to the vehicles themselves tend to disappear or get repaired quickly. Failing to act quickly may diminish the chance that you will successfully recover your damages.

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Taking On Insurance Companies in Court

Except in the cases involving an uninsured or unidentified motorist, any negligent driver you take legal action against will be represented by his or her insurance company. That means that you need auto accident attorneys who are experienced in dealing with liability insurers. You need someone who can resolve your case, whether by settlement or by verdict, for the highest possible amount. What’s more, you need a lawyer capable of doing exactly that against a well-oiled opposing counsel that defends hundreds of these cases each year.

It is a common practice among liability insurance carriers to set aside a certain amount of money “in reserve” early on in the case. Once the insurer determines the reserve amount, it is difficult for the insurance adjuster or even the insurance company’s attorney, to increase the amount available to settle your claim against them. That’s why it’s important to have resourceful auto accident attorneys on your side early on, before the insurance carrier establishes a “reserve” amount.

Furthermore, the insurance company will gauge the value of your claim by your willingness and ability to go to trial. You need to show the insurance company that you have a lawyer who has the resources and the experience to succeed at trial. We know how to deal with the big insurance companies and have a proven record as successful trial lawyers.

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