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It is not unusual for even a minor crash to cause severe injuries. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., years of experience have taught us just how seriously a car wreck can affect the lives of people involved. Even wrecks at slow speeds can lead to life-changing injuries.

At our law firm in Arlington, Texas we represent people who have experienced a wide range of injuries in motor vehicle accidents, including:

Each case is different. We represent people who have been injured in accidents between two cars, as well as between a car and a truck, a car and a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian. Our clients include both drivers and passengers. They include people who have been injured in many different types of accidents, including vehicle rollovers and rear-end accidents.

No matter what factors are involved in your accident — even if you believe that you were partly responsible for the crash — we encourage you to contact our Fort Worth car wreck attorneys as soon as possible. You still have rights under Texas law.

Do Not Settle with the Insurance Company Until You Speak with Us

It is often difficult to tell how serious an injury is, especially in the hours and days after a crash. It can take car accident survivors months — or even years — to recognize the full extent of the harm.

That is why it is critical not to agree to an insurance company’s settlement offer before speaking with an attorney. The risk is that you may settle too soon and for too little compensation. Once you agree to a settlement offer, it can be nearly impossible to get more compensation for the same injury. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., we encourage crash survivors to speak with us before they take action. Consultations are free and at no obligation.

Contact an Arlington Car Wreck Lawyer at the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C.

There are no fees for contacting the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., about your personal injury or about the wrongful death of a loved one. You can call us at 817-275-4100or contact us online for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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