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car accident can cause serious personal injury no matter where you were sitting when the wreck occurred. Both drivers and passengers often experience life-changing injuries and wrongful death, and both are entitled to take legal action.

Our Arlington, Texas law firm — the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C. — represented a boy’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit and helped them collect a favorable settlement. Although no amount of money will ever replace the loss, the settlement helped the family afford a funeral that honored their son with dignity. We were proud to help the family take legal action that held a negligent driver accountable for the irreversible harm the family experienced.

Passengers Can Recover Compensation in Personal Injury Lawsuits

At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., our Texas lawyers often represent passengers in personal injury or wrongful death cases related to car wrecks. There is no law that says that passengers cannot file personal injury lawsuits. Everyone has a right to legal action, no matter where they were sitting in the car or truck.

In fact, passengers may have more options than drivers in personal injury litigation. Depending on the facts of a particular case, passengers may often file lawsuits against drivers in other cars as well as in the cars in which they were riding. This may seem harsh. However, each situation is different, and it is the insurance company that ultimately pays out the compensation.

Further, passengers have no responsibility to drive safely because they are only riding in a car — not operating it. This means that other parties to the lawsuit cannot blame them for partial responsibility for a vehicle crash. This can make a passenger’s case more straightforward.

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