Car Defects That Cause Accidents

The outcome of a car accident can be devastating, causing severe personal injuries and tragedy that may amount to thousands of dollars of medical expenses, and change the course of your life. Our Arlington car accident attorneys diligently pursue damages against negligent drivers and auto manufacturers, and any insurance companies reluctant to make good on their commitments. We work compassionately with clients during times of tragedy, giving them the opportunity and legal resources they need to restore their lives as best as we can.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, call our car accident lawyers at 817-275-4100 to schedule a free consultation.

What To Do About Unpaid Or Denied Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, part of recovering from a traffic accident means dealing with insurance companies that don’t always have your best interest at heart. If you’ve been denied a legitimate insurance claim, or a medical procedure necessary for your recovery, the Jim Ross Law Group can take action to see that you receive the benefits you’re owed.

Case Results

Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Fracture back/partial paralysis
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to nasal cavity
[ Medical Malpractice Case ]
Fractured ankle
[ Slip & Fall Case ]
Wrong death
[ Auto/Pedestrian Collision Case ]
Fractured back and legs
[ Truck/Auto Collision Case ]
Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Wrongful death
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to leg and groin
[ E-Cigarette Exploding Battery Case ]
Broken jaw & ribs
[ Auto Collision Case ]
Broken ribs & knee
[ Auto Collision Case ]

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