Fort Worth Car Accident Attorneys

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, car wrecks are common. Nearly every day, car wrecks result in personal injuries somewhere in the metro. Especially on busy roads and at high speeds, these injuries can be serious.

The Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., represents people who have been injured in car wrecks throughout the Fort Worth metropolitan area. As a local law firm, we understand the local roads and their hazards. Our lawyers know areas where people are commonly injured. We also know the bad habits of many local drivers, which can cause wrecks.

We represent people who have been injured on roads, including:

  • 35W
  • 35E
  • I-30
  • I-45
  • I-20 and I-820

To achieve the best possible results in Fort Worth car accident cases, attorneys at our firm use in-depth knowledge of the law, experience, extensive resources and integrity. We often partner with experienced professionals such as accident reconstructionists, medical experts and life-care planners who can help strengthen your case and protect your interests after a car crash on Dallas-Fort Worth roads.

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Case Results

Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Fracture back/partial paralysis
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to nasal cavity
[ Medical Malpractice Case ]
Fractured ankle
[ Slip & Fall Case ]
Wrong death
[ Auto/Pedestrian Collision Case ]
Fractured back and legs
[ Truck/Auto Collision Case ]
Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Wrongful death
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to leg and groin
[ E-Cigarette Exploding Battery Case ]
Broken jaw & ribs
[ Auto Collision Case ]
Broken ribs & knee
[ Auto Collision Case ]

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