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If you have been bit by a dog, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a legal claim. According to Texas state laws, a dog owner is legally responsible for the violent actions of his or her canine. But bringing these claims is not always a straightforward process. It is essential to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to help ensure the best possible results.

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When you work with the Jim Ross Law Group, we will pursue claims against the dog owner and his or her insurer. We can help you obtain compensation for injuries sustained by any type of dog, whether or not it is considered a “dangerous” breed such as a pit bull.

Instances where you may have a dog bite claim include:

  • An owner failing to restrain the dog
  • Attack from an unleashed dog
  • Failure to maintain adequate fencing
  • Leaving a door open allowing the dog to escape

Having a dog attack and bite you is not only a painful experience, it can also be highly traumatic. Our lawyers work to secure compensation not only for your medical expenses and lost wages, if applicable, but also for the emotional trauma you have endured.

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Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Fracture back/partial paralysis
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to nasal cavity
[ Medical Malpractice Case ]
Fractured ankle
[ Slip & Fall Case ]
Wrong death
[ Auto/Pedestrian Collision Case ]
Fractured back and legs
[ Truck/Auto Collision Case ]
Injury to leg
[ Dog Bite Case ]
Wrongful death
[ Train/Auto Collision Case ]
Burns to leg and groin
[ E-Cigarette Exploding Battery Case ]
Broken jaw & ribs
[ Auto Collision Case ]
Broken ribs & knee
[ Auto Collision Case ]

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