Train Accidents

The federal government and railroads have a duty to maintain safe railroad crossings. However, this does not always happen. When a powerful train gets into an accident with a car or pedestrian, the results can be catastrophic, and people’s lives may be forever changed. Train accidents may happen for a variety of causes, sometimes due to the negligence of railroad companies.

It may be the case that an engineer operated a train improperly, or perhaps a crossing signal malfunctioned. Tragically, these are not unusual situations. Train accidents don’t “just happen.” Train accidents have specific causes. If you or someone you love was injured in a train accident, you need powerful legal representation to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident, and follow through with forthright legal action should the situation warrant it.

Any railroad company responsible for injury or death in a train accident likely has extensive legal resources at their defense. They may try to hide behind common liability shields, such as federal pre-emption of state tort laws. Even worse, they may even try to put some of the blame on the injured party, asserting that the person injured or killed was negligent in some way.

Jim Ross takes a stand against negligent railroads that results in train accidents. He has faced the railroad companies in court, and is prepared to do so again. He will fight to restore your losses, while helping to ensure this nation’s railroads become safer for pedestrians, passengers and motorists alike.

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