18 Wheeler Accidents

18-Wheeler Accidents Are Often Caused By The Truck Operator’s Negligence

One out of every eight accident fatalities on the road is a truck or 18-wheeler accident. Tractor-trailers may weigh 90 tons or more including their cargo, tonnage that calls for tremendous responsibility and precaution on the part of truck drivers and their shipping companies. Unfortunately, economic pressure and deregulation of the trucking industry has created a situation where trucking companies and big rig drivers sometimes act negligently, without regard to the safety of the automobile and motorcycle drivers.

Truck accidents may happen for a variety of reasons, and all too often, negligence. Truck drivers may be inclined to violate trucking speed limits, drive for long hours at a time without sleep, abuse stimulants in an attempt to stay awake or pull an unsafe load of cargo. Each of these negligent behaviors endangers everyone sharing the road with them. Tractor-trailers, which experience high mileage and almost nonstop abuse on the road, may not be properly inspected and maintained. Truckers driving with improperly inflated tires can cause dangerous trucking tire blowouts.

There are laws that protect us from negligent truck drivers and companies, but investigating the accident and demonstrating that negligence requires aggressive action from an experienced truck accident lawyer. At the Jim Ross Law Group we work aggressively with victims of 18-wheeler accidents to pursue settlements that can help to right preventable wrongs. If you or a family member has experienced personal injury or wrongful death in a truck accident, we would like to help you seek the compensation you are owed by negligent parties.

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