Plano Defective Product Lawyers

Take action against the manufacturers, retailers and corporations that caused your injuries through dangerous or defective products by connecting with Jim Ross Law Group — we have Plano defective product lawyers on our staff that can help you navigate these often-complex cases.

We have a seasoned team of attorneys that have worked with victims in the past who have sustained injuries because of products that were:

  • Inherently dangerous by their design
  • Made dangerous through a manufacturing defect
  • Lacked proper consumer warnings about the risks and hazards

Companies have an expressed legal obligation to protect consumers from dangerous products. When they thumb their noses at this obligation, and someone is injured as a result, they need to pay up. Our defective product lawyers in Plano TX will make sure they do.

Managing your case from start to finish

When you work with Jim Ross Law Group as your trusted Plano defective product lawyers, you have decades of combined personal injury law experience in your corner advocating for you from the very start. We won’t let negligent parties and their high-powered legal resources sweep your injuries under the rug.

Rather, our Plano defective product lawyers will make sure your voice is heard and that your injuries are represented. We build a strong case for our clients that underscore how a defective or dangerous product caused your injuries and then file a personal injury claim.

Negligent parties and their insurance providers can either work with us on striking a settlement or face us in court via a traditional jury trial. Either way, our defective product lawyers in Plano TX are not going to back down — we’ll fight for financial compensation to make you and your family whole again.

Get a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys

Our Plano defective product lawyers want to hear about your recent incident. Connect with Jim Ross Law Group as quickly as possible following the injurious accident and we can provide you with the helpful insight you need to proceed with your claim. Thank you for choosing Jim Ross Law Group.

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