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Are you facing divorce and looking for a reliable, experienced team of Plano divorce attorneys? Jim Ross Law has a proven track record and decades of combined experience in Texas family law. 

Our law firm was established by a former Marine, Texas police officer and DEA task force officer. With our unique background, we’re able to offer a unique perspective on our clients’ cases – as well as unique strategies to fight them. 

Schedule a consultation with our divorce attorneys in Plano TX and we’ll be happy to take a look at your case. 

How Divorce Lawyers Help Your Case 

Even in an uncontested divorce, you still need a lawyer to help divide your assets. In a contested divorce, you definitely need a lawyer because you and your ex are not agreeing on everything. Either way, you’ll need a team of Plano divorce attorneys to represent your case. 

Here are some of the aspects of your divorce that your lawyer can help determine: 

  • Child custody. If a child is involved, you’ll need to decide which parent will have legal custody and if both parents can make decisions for the child. 
  • Child support. It’s important that the child is financially provided for. A lawyer will determine appropriate child support payments.
  • Alimony. In some divorce cases, one partner will get alimony during the transition period. An attorney can set alimony payments periodically or monthly. 
  • Asset division. It’s important to know what you want so that you can ask for it in your divorce. Our lawyers can even make amendments for you. 

Why Choose Our Divorce Attorneys in Plano TX 

Jim Ross Law is a skilled, experienced law firm that stands behind our clients. We have a proven track record and countless satisfied clients. We’ll be happy to represent your divorce case and advocate for your best interests. We are honest and ethical lawyers who work on getting our clients a fair and reasonable deal. 

As a client of Jim Ross Law, you can expect: 

  • Upfront, competitive pricing and flexible payment plans 
  • Convenient hours, including evenings and weekends 
  • Excellent communication and fast response times 
  • Effective mediators and litigators 
  • Virtual and in-person consultations 

Don’t trust your divorce to just anyone. Our Plano divorce attorneys are waiting for your call. 

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