Plano Fire Accident Lawyers

The Plano fire accident lawyers on staff here at Jim Ross Law Group invite you to tap into our knowledge and experience when it comes to filing a claim and pursuing compensation in your case.

Accidents that result in burns can be some of the most devastating for a victim. Many burn injuries linger within victims, causing persistent pain long into the future and requiring long-term medical treatment and therapy. These injuries not only come with an incredible physical and emotional price, but a financial one as well.

That’s why our fire accident lawyers in Plano TX are here to help you seek compensation from negligent parties that contributed to your accident and subsequent injuries. We handle all types of fire and explosion cases, putting our decades of combined experience to use examining the evidence in your case and identifying who, or what, may have prompted it.

We use this information to file a claim for compensation with negligent parties and their insurance companies. Our Plano fire accident lawyers aggressively pursue this compensation because we know how important it is to the long-term well being of both you and your family. This is compensation that goes toward things like:

  • Medical bills associated with your immediate care
  • Long-term medical treatments and procedures
  • Lost wages from time spent away from work
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Special equipment needed to physically aid a victim in the future
  • And more

When negligent parties and their insurance providers refuse to pay you a fair sum, you could be left in dire financial straits in the future — Jim Ross Law Group will not let that happen. We are personally invested in the ultimate well being and success of our clients.

Consult with our fire accident lawyers in Plano TX

Whether your burn injuries stemmed from a car wreck, workplace accident, defective product or something else, don’t let others try to dismiss the severity of your situation. If someone else is responsible for these devastating injuries, they need to pay up — and we’re ready to make them.

Jim Ross Law Group has Plano fire accident lawyers standing by right now to talk to you about your case. We’ll provide you with helpful insight on how to move forward.

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