Plano Pain And Suffering Damages

Don’t let negligent parties and their insurance companies minimize your claim for Plano pain and suffering damages following an accident. Instead, enlist the services of Jim Ross Law Group and maximize your chances at a full and fair settlement.

Injured in an accident? We’ll help you seek pain and suffering damages in Plano TX

At Jim Ross Law Group, we work with a wide range of clients, all of whom have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. These accidents range from auto accidents and workplace accidents to injuries suffered due to hazards on both private and public property.

While the injuries you sustain in these accidents can take a financial toll, not all of the fallout is financial in nature. You might be entitled to Plano pain and suffering damages, as well.

This is added compensation that takes into consideration the non-economic consequences of an accident and subsequent injuries. This might include everything from a tarnished reputation and post traumatic stress disorder to chronic pain and a diminished quality of life. 

When it comes to pain and suffering damages in Plano TX, our team can handle every step of the process, including:

  • Identify the full impact of your accident. We take into account both economic and non-economic factors that negatively affect you.
  • Put a valuation on your claim. There is no standard of measurement when it comes to pain and suffering claims. Our team leans on our extensive experience to put a fair value on your case — an amount that should be proportionate to the damage.
  • Back up our claims. It’s important to be able to provide various forms of proof for pain and suffering when needed. This might be consulting with a medical expert about chronic pain or a psychiatrist that can confirm your mental anguish stemming from the accident.

At Jim Ross Law Group, we stand tall against the insurance companies — we want to make sure that they don’t try limiting your payout. We know what you’re owed and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get it — even if that means litigating the matter in court.

Ask us more about Plano pain and suffering damages and other aspects of your case by connecting with our team right now.

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