Plano Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are looking for Plano personal injury lawyers that you can trust to act in your best interests, then you have come to the right place. We are Jim Ross Law Group, and we have the experienced attorneys on our staff that you need to maximize your chances of success in a personal injury case.

Looking for personal injury lawyers in Plano TX that don’t back down?

Some attorneys might consider it a victory if they recover any compensation from the insurance company following an accident. However, at Jim Ross Law Group, we don’t back down until we know that justice has been served.

We specialize in all types of personal injury cases. These range from car, truck, motorcycle and semi-truck accidents to workplace accidents and premises liability and product liability cases. In all these instances, you could potentially suffer injuries leading to a major impact on your life.

From medical bills and lost wages to general pain and suffering, you deserve to be properly compensated when a negligent person or party caused these issues in your life. That’s where our Plano personal injury lawyers prove themselves as a valuable resource.

We will put a value on your case and then go to work in an attempt to recover that compensation. We have courtroom experience. This means, if we have to litigate the matter, we certainly will. We don’t back down and the insurance companies know that we mean business.

Get help from personal injury lawyers in Plano TX at no cost

At Jim Ross Law Group, we want to make sure that men and women of all walks of life have access to our legal representation. This means that we don’t charge you any money up front. In fact, we don’t get paid at all unless we are successful in helping you recover compensation.

The whole time you work with us, you will get compassionate care that includes clear communication between our team and you. We want to make sure that we’re representing your best interests throughout the case.

Don’t delay after an accident — and definitely don’t work with the insurance companies yourself. Instead, contact our Plano personal injury lawyers right away for a free case evaluation.

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