Plano Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Couples preparing to get married can benefit from consulting with Plano prenuptial agreement attorneys. At Jim Ross Law Group, we have experienced attorneys that are waiting to discuss this, and other divorce-related matters, with you.

In many instances, couples hesitate to seek the advice of a qualified attorney when it comes to prenups because they believe it shows a lack of faith in their relationship. However, in reality, prenuptial agreements can actually serve a variety of purposes and establish transparency within a new marriage.

In a nation where about half of marriages end in divorce, it is never too early to seek the help of prenuptial agreement attorneys in Plano TX. You can plan for his event so that it does not catch you flat footed.

What our Plano prenuptial agreement attorneys can do for you

For starters, the Jim Ross Law Group can help you understand the definition of a prenuptial agreement. This document is a contract that is entered into before a marriage. The content of these contracts can vary dramatically between couples, but the general intent is to assist with property division in the event of a divorce. 

Consulting with our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Plano TX is particularly useful for those spouses who may:

  • Have full or partial ownership of a business
  • Want to retain ownership of special and beloved family heirlooms
  • Be interested in speeding up and limiting the costs associated with a potential divorce
  • Need additional support for their estate plan, providing for property division in the event of death

While prenuptial agreements address a major aspect of a potential divorce (property division), it can’t be used to iron out other pressing issues. For example, child custody and child support are not permitted to be decided in a prenuptial agreement. That element of a prenup would be thrown out of court during a divorce. 

Additional concerns can arise if it appears that the prenup was signed under duress, for example, which is why it is so important to enlist the help of qualified and experienced Plano prenuptial agreement attorneys. Ensure that your prenup matches your needs and is recognized by the court by seeking the help of Jim Ross Law Group and our team.

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