Plano Restraining Order Lawyers

Keep threatening and dangerous people or parties at a distance by connecting with Jim Ross Law Group and working with one of our Plano restraining order lawyers. Both restraining orders and personal protections orders are legal avenues in which you can demand that a threatening person or party cease from communicating with you.

Whether you’re dealing with an abusive spouse or family member, or a complete stranger is stalking you, our restraining order lawyers in Plano TX are ready to help you take effective action.

Keep you and your family safe — file for a protection order

At Jim Ross Law Group, we take domestic violence very seriously. We also know that, when abuse victims don’t take proper action, and allow the situation to persist, then they are putting themselves at serious risk.

Our restraining order lawyers in Plano TX will work with you to remove you from dangerous and threatening situations. We’ll consult with you about your situation and let you know your legal options. We’ll provide you with objective information and insight on what you can do to protect the safety of both you and your family.

Our Plano restraining order lawyers will walk you through each phase of the process, too — from filing for the order to appearing in court to plead your case and making sure that the order is enforced. We thrive on ensuring the safety and security of our clients and go the extra mile to make sure that you feel cared for.

Compassionate service from leading attorneys

Jim Ross Law Group is home to seasoned family law attorneys that can help you, not only deal with domestic violence situations, but handle a variety of other issues. From representing you in a divorce to drafting a prenuptial agreement before marriage, we’re ready to leverage our decades of combined experience for you.

It all starts with a consultation. Feel free to connect with our team to arrange a chat. We’d love to hear about how our Plano restraining order lawyers can serve you.

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