Plano Slip And Fall Lawyers

Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, one of the leading Plano slip and fall lawyers. Our team of legal professionals is ready to work with you in the event you have been injured due to a hazard on someone else’s property.

Whether you slipped on a wet floor at the grocery store and bumped your head or you fell down a flight of stairs at a hotel because of a faulty or missing handrail, these are serious accidents that can lead to serious injuries. Our slip and fall lawyers in Plano TX want to help you address the fallout.

We hold negligent property owners accountable

Many accidents on private or public property are caused by hazards that could, and should, have been avoided. Property owners and managers are legally obligated to maintain safe premises. This means regularly inspecting it for hazards and then addressing those hazards in a timely fashion.

When hazards — everything from wet floors, poorly maintained sidewalks or poorly lit areas — are not addressed, they can lead to injuries. If you are one of those unfortunate accident victims then our team of Plano slip and fall lawyers will help you move forward with pursuing financial compensation.

As a victim of someone else’s negligence, you should not be forced to pay for the expenses you incurred because of your injuries — expenses like:

  • Immediate medical care
  • Long-term medical care, treatments and therapies
  • Lost wages when you miss time at work
  • Lost earnings from your inability to work certain jobs in the future

As your slip and fall lawyers in Plano TX, the team at Jim Ross Law Group will collect evidence associated with your accident and draft a formal complaint against the negligent parties involved. 

From there, we will press the insurance company to provide you with full and fair compensation. We aggressively administer these negotiations and won’t allow them to short-change you. If they do not budge in the negotiation process, we have an expert litigation team that can take the matter to court for a traditional trial.

Don’t let negligent property owners and their insurance companies ignore your injuries. Let our Plano slip and fall lawyers stand up for your rights. Consult with Jim Ross Law Group about your recent accident.

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