Plano Spousal Support Lawyers

Awarding spousal support in a divorce is fairly common and it’s an effective way to ensure that both spouses exit the divorce on even financial footing. If you have questions about this process, don’t hesitate to connect with the Plano spousal support lawyers on staff here at the Jim Ross Law Group.

We specialize in many different areas of family law. This includes divorce cases and the many different issues that come with them. By working with our spousal support lawyers in Plano TX, you’ll be able to determine who is owed spousal support, how much they are owed and for how long they receive it.

Helping our clients get what they’re owed

One of the more common scenarios that demonstrate a need for spousal support is when one member of a marriage works and generates income for the household while the other stays home and perhaps takes care of children. When divorce strikes, the working spouse is still able to generate income for himself or herself while the other will be starting from scratch and could encounter financial hardships.

That’s why spousal support exists — to ensure that both divorcing spouses have a fair chance at reestablishing their lives. The Plano spousal support lawyers at Jim Ross Law Group will consider many crucial factors involved with your divorce to determine if you are entitled to compensation, and how much.

In this process, a family court judge practices significant discretion in determining the parameters of spousal support. That’s why having our spousal support lawyers in Plano TX by your side is so crucial. We not only can calculate an appropriate amount in spousal support, but we will defend that number in front of a judge if need be.

Rely on Jim Ross Law Group with your spousal support questions and concerns

Whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree on spousal support terms, or you’re fighting the matter out in court, Jim Ross Law Group is ready to help. It starts with a consultation with one of our Plano spousal support lawyers. We’re standing by to talk to you. Connect with us right now.

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