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Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where we invite you to lean on the knowledge and expertise of our Tarrant County adoption attorneys.

Adoption can be an incredibly effective method of adding to your family. In other cases, establishing guardianship or adopting a child is a necessary step to remove them from a potentially harmful situation. Whatever your motivation might be, we invite you to consult with our adoption attorneys in Tarrant County TX to learn about your options. 

With an experienced staff that has been through this process before, our Jim Ross Law Group will help you navigate every step of the process and make sure that you are prepared along the way.

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If you are someone that is ready to provide a stable, loving environment for a child, the team at Jim Ross Law Group wants to help you move through the process of doing so. There are many different types of adoption, all of them require different legal proceedings to complete.

This is where the vast experience of our adoption attorneys in Tarrant County TX comes in handy. We’ll leverage the decades of knowledge on our staff to help you find success in your respective case. The family law arm of our legal practice is able to help clients that are embarking on all different types of cases, including:

  • Couple or single-parent adoption
  • Stepparent or grandparent adoption
  • Parental rights termination
  • Legal guardianship cases

Not only do we work with our clients to help them clear all the necessary legal hurdles, but we also advocate for minor children that are involved. These children often lose their voice throughout these proceedings when their voice is actually the one that should be amplified the most.

The end goal for any adoption should be to place a child in a situation in which they will thrive — our adoption attorneys in Tarrant County TX do not lose sight of that.

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