Tarrant County Child Custody Attorneys

Whether you’re going through a divorce or separation, child custody can be a significant issue. And understandably so – child custody affects where the child lives and who makes their decisions. To ensure your best interests are protected, you need the best Tarrant County child custody attorneys on your side. 

Child Custody Attorneys in Tarrant County: Effective Mediators and Negotiators 

When it comes to child custody orders, the courts prefer that you settle them in negotiations or mediations. If you can’t reach an agreement, the courts will make a decision for you. In our experience, clients tend to get better outcomes when they settle things outside of court. 

With this in mind, it’s crucial that you have a competent and skilled team of child custody attorneys in Tarrant County TX. Jim Ross Law is prepared to fight for your rights and ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for. We understand the various custody orders and how to advocate for what’s best for the child. 

How Child Custody Works in Texas 

While each situation is unique, there are some common child custody arrangements that the courts follow. Our Tarrant County child custody attorneys have experience with the following: 

  • Sole custody. This is where the child resides mostly with one parent, and that parent gets to make the decisions. 
  • Joint legal custody. A popular option is joint custody, which is where the child primarily lives with one parent but both parents share in the decision making.
  • Shared legal custody. Both parents share legal custody rights and the child spends at least 35 percent of their time with each parent. 
  • Split custody. Although rarely used, split custody is an option for some families. This is where one parent gets full custody of one child, and the other parent gets full custody of the other child. 

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It’s important that you’re aware of all of your options and rights as a parent in Texas. Contact our Tarrant County child custody attorneys to have us look at your case. We will draft a parenting plan that fits your situation and gives you the opportunity to be the best parent. 

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