Tarrant County Divorce Attorneys

Divorce cases are tough. While Texas courts can grant a divorce once it has been on file for 60 days, divorces are rarely finalized in this amount of time. Our Tarrant County divorce attorneys try to make divorce cases as quick and painless as possible, but in our experience, they still take at least 6-12 months to finalize. 

Why do divorce cases take so long? Because the people involved are full of emotions. Most divorce cases are not civil and there are many aspects to discuss such as child support, child custody and the division of assets. If both parties can’t agree, the divorce case will linger on. 

While a drawn out divorce won’t bother us – it is a drain on your time, money and emotions. This is why you’ll see our divorce attorneys in Tarrant County TX working hard to come to a solution. We do things ethically and want to see our client with the best deal possible. 

Jim Ross Law: Divorce Lawyers That Review Every Possibility! 

The Tarrant County divorce attorneys from Jim Ross Law are extremely thorough. We want to make sure that we consider every possibility and inform you of all of your options. If we need to bring your case to court, we will. 

We hope to reach an agreement during mediations, as this gives you full control of the process. Once your divorce case goes to the courts, it’s the judge who gets to make the decisions. They could rule in your favor – or not. This is why we encourage our clients to utilize divorce mediation. 

Some of the ways our divorce attorneys in Tarrant County TX keep things moving are by: 

  • Knowing what our clients want regarding property division and child custody
  • Educating our clients on their options, as well as factors that may affect their divorce such as marital assets and tax changes 
  • Understanding the most recent divorce laws in Texas – they change more frequently than people realize! 
  • Keeping clients in the loop and maintaining excellent communication 

To get the answers and direction you need to move forward with your divorce case, contact the Tarrant County divorce attorneys from Jim Ross Law today. 

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