Tarrant County Premises Liability Attorneys

If an avoidable hazard on public or private property caused you injuries, the Tarrant County premises liability attorneys at Jim Ross Law Group want to talk to you. As a seasoned personal injury law firm, we specialize in premises liability cases, helping our clients to secure the compensation they deserve from negligent property owners, managers and their insurance providers.

What are premises liability cases?

Premises liability simply means that property managers and owners are responsible for the safety and well being of anyone that might be on their property. This means they have to create a safe environment where they are not knowingly putting guests in harm’s way.

Hazards like slippery floors, broken hand rails, poorly lit areas are simply an invitation for an accident. Property owners and managers need to address those problems before someone is injured as a result. And, when this happens, our premises liability attorneys in Tarrant County TX will work to hold negligent parties accountable.

What to expect from our Tarrant County premises liability attorneys

Jim Ross Law Group has highly experienced personal injury attorneys on our staff that will provide you with compassionate support throughout every phase of your case. This means:

  • Collecting evidence from your injurious incident
  • Building a case that highlights the negligence of the property owner or manager
  • Filing your injury claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to strike a fair settlement
  • Bringing the matter to court if negotiations fall through

Our premises liability attorneys in Tarrant County TX know what you deserve in terms of compensation — and you need a sum that is going to meet your financial needs both now and into the future.

Start by getting information about your legal options. We have our Tarrant County premises liability attorneys available to chat with you via a free, no-obligation case evaluation. You can let us know more about your situation and learn what steps you need to take to recover the compensation you deserve. Connect with our team right now and get started.

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